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Converge! Network Digest provides comprehensive, insightful coverage of the convergence across all layers of the network, including both wireless and optical technologies. Key areas of focus include network architecture, packet systems, network processors, data center design, advanced services and the Silicon Valley Start-up scene.

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Converge! Network Digest, originally known as ATM News Digest, has been published continuously on every U.S. business day since April 1994.


Converge! Network Digest is owned and published by James E. Carroll

We have provided consistent, high quality, informative industry coverage since 1994, when our original publication, Madge ATM News Digest, was founded by Madge Networks as a marketing campaign addressed to the “1,000 top influencers” in the networking business.  At the time, Madge Networks was a leading supplier of Token Ring adapter cards to major financial institutions, airlines, government agencies, universities and other large enterprises around the world.  ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) was widely seen throughout the networking and telecommunications industries as the ultimate convergence layer for LANs and WANs.  To build its brand equity in the next wave of networking technology, Madge Networks set out to create an independent newsletter addressed to the top influencers in the industry.

In 1997, the publication was spun-off from Madge Networks into an independent company under James E. Carroll, the newsletter’s founding editor. It renamed to Converge! Network Digest in January 2000 to more accurately reflect our coverage of the entire broadband networking industry.

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