Blueprint Guidelines

Converge! Network Digest publishes articles from across the industry in our ongoing Blueprint Network Architecture series.  These articles provide insights on how new infrastructure is being deployed, how new technologies are changing the network, and how the big traffic trends are transforming the market.

The columns are published on a regular basis via our daily email newsletter and on this website. The topics often coincide with major industry events.

We welcome your ideas.  Here’s what we are looking for.

  • The column should be an original article that has not been published elsewhere.
  • The column should be about 1,000 words in length.
  • It should be addressed to “the architects of next generation networks.” Assume a high level of technical proficiency and awareness of major trends.
  • The column should be about a topic of interest to the whole field.  It should not be about your product or proprietary technology.  We are happy to help promote these via our whitepaper service or marketing programs.
  • We welcome 2 or 3 graphics to illustrate your column, so long as these are not product specific.
  • We will need a photo and one paragraph about the author.

To get started, please send us a brief abstract of the column.  Be sure to put ‘Blueprint column proposal’ in the subject of your email.

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